Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Retreat Dec 17th 2008 Feb 4th 2009

The Fundamentals of Meditation Practice

Originally, one's own mind and nature are pure, and there is nothing to accept and nothing to refuse; there is neither existence nor non-existence; there is only clear understanding without attachment and with no dwelling. One who wants to know the no-attachment, no-dwelling mind can find it through meditation, because it is only then that the mind does not think of right and wrong, of good and evil or of self and others.

A new 49 day Winter Retreat will start on December 17, led by Master Henry. We will be following the ‘standard’ retreat programe with plenty of meditation, & periods of silence as well as the opportunity for one-to-one practice reviews, pre-registration is highly suggested, if you wish to come and practice for a shorter period of time drop ins will be welcome, please phone in advance.

What to bring:

Sleeping Bag
Comfortable & warm clothing
Winter Boots